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What is Manual Therapy?

Manual Therapy is the careful selection and application of various hands-on techniques to conservatively treat your pain and help aid in exercising your body to become stronger. There are many different forms of pain, such as muscle pain, joint pain, stress induced pain, and many more. Each manual therapist is credentialed with at least one governing body of manual therapy and specialize in different areas. While each therapist may use some form or soft tissue techniques, there services include much more than massage.

Is each Manual Therapist an employee of NYMT?

No. NYMT is a free directory for Manual Therapist's in NY to adverstise their expert services. While we are all a part of the same group of passionate Physical Therapist in NY eager to help our patients heal, each Manual Therapist sets there own schedule, delivers their own treatment, and completes patient care including accepting payment under their own LLC.

Do the featured Manual Therapists of NYMT accept insurance?

No. For now each Manual Therapist of NYMT is out of network which means we do not bill your insurance. You maybe entitled for insurance re-imbursement, but for now our therapist are only capable of providing proof of purchase for service. NYMT is not responsible for any related health care documentation & NYMT is not involved with workers compensation or disability cases/paperwork. Each Manual Therapist is an independent contractor and delivers service under their own name/LLC.

Is NYMT really free for Manual Therapists?

Yes and No? NYMT does not ask for payment for adversting. We are an online urban outreach attemping to re-brand Manual Therapy in NY and only ask that each Manual Therapist help in the creating of social media content during the month that they are featured. Each Manual Therapist is encourgaged to continue to create posts on our blog, you tube page, instagram page, and facebook page.

What information should I bring for my evaluation?

Any relevant medical history including but not limited to written MRI results, previous surgies, current condiitons, and any current medications should be provided. A presription is not required for treatment however maybe required if you would like to submit for re-imbursement.

Does each featured Manual Therapist have the same tools and or table?

No. Our featured therapists do not bring a table. We encourage each patient to have their own table. Our featured therapist can provide treatments on a raised couch/bed, but quality work should have table. A small investment for long term quality care, most tables on amazon are under 100 and require little to no set up.

Manual Therapy vs Physical Therapy

Each featured Manual Therapist is a Physical Therapist who has completed some school of advanced Manual Therapy training.

Do the featured Manual Therapists of NYMT treat post operative pain

Yes of course! We are all trained to treat both post operative and non operative pain. If your surgeon has a specific protocal that he would like to be followed, please provide this protocol to your therapist at the time of initial evaluation.

How do i apply to be listed as a Manual Therapist on NYMT

Simple Send us an email request including: 1. Copy of current manual therapy certification 2. NYS PT liscense number for look up verification 3. 4 sentence bio 4. areas of speciality 5. areas avialbe to deliver service 6. Preferred contact email 7. Agreement to participate in social media marketing during month of feature including: pod casts, blogging, video casts, article reviews. The more you can participate the stronger our brand of Manual Therapy becomes in the public and the more exposure you have as a featured therapist.